Summer’s coming as is the J. Crew Gingham

Even though it’s only January, and we’re still months away from anything that remotely resembles Summertime fun, J. Crew unveiling their new Gingham shirts has already got me wanting to plan picnics, fly kites, and drink 40’s to sunsets in the park by my house. While it appears I will have to wait for the current 30+ degree weather to dwindle away, I’ve already donned a few of my favorite gingham button downs, readying them for the year. Granted, the print in question is not Spring/Summer-specific, as the colorways differ often, it just reminds me of tablecloths from family BBQs and outings from years gone by.

I am still somewhat kicking myself for not snagging one of J. Crew’s gingham ties from last season, but alas, if I hunt hard enough, maybe a few eBay searches or a few words thrown towards my friend, Ryan, at the Crew will yield positive results. I suppose, too, if I am looking for accessories with said print, I could opt for a pair of their boxers. But, and this could just be me, but does anyone wear boxers anymore? I assume we all wear underwear, yeah? But boxers? They just seem so cumbersome. It hasn’t been since high school skater daze when the pants did sag that I sported (quite prominently) boxer shorts. Since I’ve pulled up my pants, cinched the belt tighter, and started wearing clothes that fit and made me look respectable,  I’ve opted for boxer briefs. And this leads me to another pressing issue: Undergarments. What do you wear and why? And where can I get some gingham boxer briefs?


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