The Red Wings Irish Setter restoration project 2010

A week or so ago, I got this bright idea that I wanted to restore something. Last year, and for the better part of my 20s infact, I’ve wanted to snag an old Scout II to make into some sort of weekend project culminating with a trip to Moab or Gunnison, CO to do some rock crawling, or even just to use it as an everyday driver, depending on what condition I got it to. As 2010 is the year of realistic plans and achievable goals, I wanted to start smaller, settling on a beat up pair of Red Wing Irish Setter I scored for $30 of eBay. I knew they’d be in less-than-desirable shape entering this process, but what’s a project if the product is already in good condition? It’s cheating, is what it is.

I snapped a few pictures last night of the before boot. Not a coat of polish has been applied to them in ages it would appear, and these were truly loved and used by someone that did work. Forgive the quality of the shots. A new camera is to be purchased stat. During a less-than-memorable episode of Idol, I applied a coat of polish and buffed them up real nice to see what one coat would do. Not surprisingly, it did little. But what fun would this be if there was instant gratification. It’s going to take effort and time, but I remain confident that in a short while, these Setters will be sparkling. Wish me luck.


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