Weddings break the bank. The L.L. Bean Signature Khaki Suit does not.

You see that model, right there? The one wearing the khaki suit? I am going to go out on a limb here and say, dammit, I want to be friends with this guy. Most times, the guys modeling the clothes I dig, I really am more into the “Wanna smash you in the grill” mind frame, but something about this guy, mainly the suit, screams, “Bring your lady, and the four of us shall enjoy brie and wine on the deck of my yacht.” And as that is what I am aspiring to in life (yachts and stinky cheeses at my disposal), it’s going to start with a sharp, simple suit like this.

That said, last week when I opened the topic of the khaki suits my brother wishes to outfit not only outfit himself in, but his best man and groomsmen, as well, I got a response from the folks at L.L. Bean Signature. They sent me a snapshot of one of their khaki suits which will be available 3/15/10. While I dig the J. Crew ensemble I originally proposed, as I’ve had the chance to try it on, this one looks just as high-caliber and on par with the Crew varietal, not to mention a price-point fit for….us working folk. Honestly, if we’re looking to outfit an entire wedding party, $155 for the jacket and $59 for the pants is appealing, as not every groomsman rakes in the dough* like yours truly. March can’t come soon enough, for a number of reasons.

*Read: Stable employment.


5 responses to “Weddings break the bank. The L.L. Bean Signature Khaki Suit does not.

  1. I want to be friends with him too…. I looked at the J. Crew suit and I don’t know if it’s because the jacket is buttoned and has a handkerchief, but it looks more formal (I think the material also looks dressier but if they’re both khaki, not sure about that perception?). I think though, that the L.L. Bean Signature suit seems to fit with your brother’s wedding vibe just as well as the J. Crew one. And to be honest, if I hadn’t seen both suits and saw the wedding party at the wedding, I wouldn’t have even noticed the difference. Both suits achieve your brother’s vibe and the price point is definitely attractive for this one… (even though I’d dig the monogram on the other one too).

  2. My boyfriend definitely approved of this suit for a wedding! Even if he was the one getting married 🙂

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