Spring at Johnston and Murphy, Winter in Nashville.

After much delay and unfortunate circumstances surrounding the so-called “buddy pass,” Nashville is soon to become a reality for me, some 4-5 years in the making. Patience is a virtue. Good things come to those who wait. Etc. Justify it however I may, I am beyond excited to finally get out that way. The itinerary is going to keep me quite busy almost every waking second, and included in this is the highly anticipated visit to the Johnston & Murphy corporate headquarters. I’m not sure what to expect as all I’ve been told is I will have a chance to preview their 2010 Spring line. If by “preview,” they mean I get to try on a few items, some of the choice new shoes would be nice, I’d call it a victory.

Having just won an auction for a pair of J&M Saddle shoes, I can attest to their fine quality and dapper good looks. I wouldn’t be adverse to snagging up another pair of the Brannen Saddle in the white/navy colorway. Damn sharp is what these are right there. For whatever reason, the saddle look is now on my radar. 2009 was a big deck shoe year for me, gathering up pair after pair of Sperrys. This year, while I still want more Topsiders, they just don’t complete the look for every situation. It’s all about diversity. Dairy Queen versus Baskin Robbins. Yeah, that’s an Adventures in Babysitting reference…


One response to “Spring at Johnston and Murphy, Winter in Nashville.

  1. I wonder if they make those in a boys’ size 4.5. I want them!

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