Update: The Red Wings Irish Setter Restoration Project 2010

Left: Before / Right: Current

“Startin to come together,” is the old adage from one of the best sports movies ever made (Major League). When the Cleveland Indians decided that a rag-tag group of has-beens, ex-cons, over-the-hill, and otherwise worthless ballplayers would be the perfect lineup to get the team out of Ohio, the city seemed down and gave up any hope of a winning season. What they didn’t count on was how the team would eventually mesh and turn what was sure to be their last season in the home town into a World Series appearance an eventual win. Well, I will say that this story is akin to my restoration of a pair of Red Wing Irish Setters. I purchased a beat up old pair from the Bay awhile back, and after just two applications of polish and one rub down with a leather replenisher, the boots are starting to look better.

Granted they still have a long, long way to go, I think that just after these initial buffs have put the boots into an almost reputable state. The reddish sheen is starting to poke through like the sun on a foggy day as the clouds burn off. Luckily, the soles are in tremendous shape, still, so little needs to be done there. Furthermore, when I visited the Red Wings store in Lone Tree, CO, I was privileged to the information that they do free polishing and buffing. Before that, I am going to give a few more methods a try. Eventually, I will have to take them to a professional, but for early attempts, I am quite pleased with the outcome.


3 responses to “Update: The Red Wings Irish Setter Restoration Project 2010

  1. Goddamn, the toe box is on rough shape Will. Look like a pork rind .. GL

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