Tuesdays with the Pretty Girls: A Chivalrous Gentleman versus a Pushover

In the ongoing quest to figure out just what the fairer sex is thinking and how they perceive us gents, I’ve decided there’s no better way to understand than by just asking. Flat out. Blunt. No apologies. I want to know this. I want to know that. Why is it I’m 28, my mom says I’m handsome, but alas, eat dinner alone? While that may be a more personal issue, this week’s delve into chivalry versus pushover is among the information we should all know.

Q: Some say chivalry isn’t dead. Personally I believe that, but ladies, from your perspective, what’s the fine line between being a chivalrous gentleman and just being seen as that wimpy pushover who is desperate to make a good impression?

New to the panel this week:


10 responses to “Tuesdays with the Pretty Girls: A Chivalrous Gentleman versus a Pushover

  1. ladies, thanks a bunch for the killer responses. all of you are clearly on top of your respective game, so i truly appreciate the insight!


    • momentumoffailure

      Agreed. Thank you. I always try to put the gentlemanly foot forward but fear, sometimes, it’s a feeble attempt that often goes unnoticed. Good to hear that the little things actually do count.

  2. It’s always noticed! Love a sweet guy!

  3. Well, I’ll be damned! It’s a pretty small world. Here we just met a few days ago, then I look at your blog today and see the beautiful face of a great old friend. Great stuff!

  4. Great answers, ladies! I also take notice when a guy is not only well-mannered with me but has those inherent kind gestures that he naturally shows to others, such as opening a door. Looking forward to the next one!

  5. When it’s sincere, it’s obvious and we love it. Otherwise, we know you have ulterior motives. Well done, ladies!

  6. Nicole offers a valuable point, confidence is important. Pushovers aren’t necessarily insecure perhaps they are inexperience.

    However there is such a thing as being too nice and its almost always overwhelming/dissatisfying .

    Its like marketing, in essence it really is; treat that person with a level of respect and demeanor that makes them feel individual and special. Careful not to over do it, keep it on an even balance by paying attention to who that person is…. well its not that easy, but that’s a start.

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