To a Bright 2010: The CORBU Edition X from Cassius Eyewear

I am amazed to this day that the guy at Cherry Creek mall that works the N3L store remembers me after all this time. It was, oh, late 08/ early 09 I first set foot in that shop. I was immediately greeted by this guy, totally stoked out on sunglasses and wanting to get me into a pair that would be sure to impress. I didn’t think too much of it, as I was just refreshed to see someone that enjoys and is generally enthused by what they do. That sort of passion is rare this day and age. I mean, sure, Ryan at J. Crew and I could talk for hours about the many styles and lines, but to be so over-the-top about shades? Killer, man. But to my original point of him remembering me after all this time…it still boggles my mind. I don’t go in often, but now when I walk by and see he’s in there, I go in. I’ve been in talks with the Cassius folks as of late, who have sent me some exclusive images of the new Corbu Edition X, to see if I can’t assist in finding them a Denver outlet. Perhaps Johnny Sunglasses (a new nickname I’ve decided to put into place) and N3L would be into it. He does seem to like the wayfarer-style as much as I do, and these from Cassius are something else… We’ll see.

Loving the look of the Edition X. The orange pair, some beers, a white tank, maybe some slip and slide…Summer’s gonna be rad. RAD!


2 responses to “To a Bright 2010: The CORBU Edition X from Cassius Eyewear

  1. Sick, kid. Been contemplating new wayfarer style for some time and these fit the bill perfectly.

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