Otis James for Momentum of Failure. Coming Soon.

A tip of the hat to my good friend, Amy, for pointing me towards the fine work of Nashville’s own talented tie designer, Otis James. My recent jaunt to the Music City was made all the sweeter when I got the chance to actually sit down with Otis over a few $11 cocktails* and chat about some sort of collaboration on a limited run of “Otis James for Momentum of Failure” ties. That said, we have begun to embark down that very road, discussing fabrics, colors, prints, lengths, widths…all that good stuff. So, as this year trucks along (we’re already halfway through February, damn), updates will be given. I’m thinking sometime this Spring is a good mark for which to shoot. Maybe a Madras? Plaid? We’ve got the ideas. And these creations, once completed, will be available for sale soon after.

Otis also reminded me that with each passing day, the world gets just a little bit smaller. Right, Nicole?

The display at the Green Hills store

*The Patterson House is worth $11 drinks.


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