Spoils of War: Returning to Denver with Billy Reid Desert Boots and a Wool Tie

Nashville was a good time, if I haven’t related that yet. I hadn’t ever been, had little-to-no idea what to expect, but thoroughly enjoyed every second spent there, despite the cold, wet, and windy weather. All weather issues were blown to bits when I got to dive into my shopping plans, which included visits to Imogene & Willie, FM Allen, Two Elle, and the highly-anticipated, Billy Reid. While I was able to score a few choice finds at the other shops, Billy Reid yielded a pair of Desert Boots and sharp tie. I spent a good amount of time there trying on the clothes, chatting it up with the more-than-friendly staff, and sipping complimentary bourbon, which I consider the reason I bought the boots. I’m not too into the side-zip style, but I thought, “Eh, why not? The price is right, the leather is the softest I’ve ever felt, and who knows when I’ll be back?” With that in mind, and with being somewhat disappointed with how they actual clothes fit, I went ahead with the boots and a striped wool tie. I haven’t worn the boots yet. Still in that flux stage with the zipper versus laces dilemma. Regardless of fastening system, they are beautiful and comfortable. The tie, though, I wear frequently.


10 responses to “Spoils of War: Returning to Denver with Billy Reid Desert Boots and a Wool Tie

  1. My boots are deliciously comfortable and yes, the leather is heavenly. I understand your zip/tie dilemma and lovely tie…and you can always blame it all on the bourbon.

  2. I prefer lace ups…but like you said, the price was right. If you dig them then wear em 🙂

  3. This may be an obvious or un-obvious question, but these are lady boots are dude boots?

  4. That’s too bad about the fit of the shirts and jackets. Were they too tight or too loose?

    • momentumoffailure

      It was like wearing a damn parachute. Oddly huge. Had I needed an expensive nightgown, I would have been in heaven.

  5. Um, praying we are the same size so when you decide you no likey the zips you can sell directly to me. I’m totally diggin’ the boots.

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