Never too early for madras. Or is it?

Got a little reminder yesterday that, although we’re hitting 25 degrees with snow here in Denver, the light at the end of the tunnel that is Spring is rapidly approaching. I remember last Summer dreading having to look at heavy outerwear, wool socks, boots, gloves, etc. “Dreading” perhaps isn’t the right word as I enjoy shopping for clothes for the incoming seasons regardless of warmth. But ever since I snagged a J. Crew Madras shirt a few weeks back, I have been anticipating wearing it more than I would have ever thought. I decided today, no more! No more waiting. I don’t care that there’s snow on the ground and I had to dig my little Acura out this morning. I paired that madras under a black crewneck sweater and, if I do say so myself, it’s a quality look no matter the season. While the print is reserved, in my eyes, more for the Spring/Summer months, I am getting with my look today with confidence. I will wait, though, on sporting the madras pants (i.e. the RL Cambridge) until under-the-sun park days. That’s just good practice. And I’d be lying if I didn’t say I wasn’t enamored with a few select items from the new Ralph Lauren line (I’m on the fence about the shoes). Add a little color to your life this year, won’t you?

5 responses to “Never too early for madras. Or is it?

  1. I love madras. I do! I think I tend to look silly in it. HOWEVER-I strongly feel like these madras shoes should be worn IMMEDIATELY! can you imagine with dark denim? So hot!

  2. Well, there certainly can be too much of a good thing. A Madras tie or Bow-tie, delightful. Madras sneakers, shorts or short sleeve shirt, Hm-mm, passable. Madras sports-coat, long sleeve shirt or pants, oh no no no.


  3. Love me some madras…especially in the tie, shorts or pants iterations.
    Boldly (and nicely) done under a black crew neck.
    Those shoes had potential…until they put the enormous logos on the sides! (I prefer subtlety)

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