Worlds collide: Sperry Top-sider meets Tucker Blair.

It could be complete coincidence or, maybe, I just have good ideas and people sometimes do listen, but a few days back, I caught a Twitter update from needlepoint experts, Tucker Blair, asking what company us consumers would like to see them partnering with. Thinking not too much about it, I replied with this, a simple request they check out Sperry. Not that this is a call-out in anyway, I am happy to see that just about a week later, they actually did get with Sperry, issuing the following statement:

Tucker Blair has partnered with Sperry Top-Sider to bring our Classic Needlepoint Belts to customers around the country through Sperry’s retail store concept. This partnership builds on our commitment to provide customers with amazing products and maximum value. Our needlepoint belts will be priced the same at Sperry stores as they are at – ensuring the partnership stays true to our core philosophy of creating needlepoint belts of unparalleled quality and value.

Good stuff. Congrats all at TuckerBlair. I like seeing these sorts of things happening. Plus, it reminded me that, even with all the madras shopping I’ve been doing, a new pair of top-siders is a must. And since Sperry is celebrating the 75th Anniversary of said shoe, I’ve got plenty of styles from which to choose.


2 responses to “Worlds collide: Sperry Top-sider meets Tucker Blair.

  1. Love it! I’ve got my Sperrys all lined up. Summer #2. Also, awesome that they listened to you, or gave the impression that they did…fantastic either way!

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