A bit of evil goes a long way: Black Sheep & Prodigal Sons

As I sat down with the guys from ELC Clothing last night at a local Mexican bar, I immediately got the sense that these dudes knew what the hell they were talking about. More so than just fashion, Matt and Fish, the heads, have lived. From retracing the steps of the Spanish Conquistadors atonement trail to working fishing boats in Alaska, the two were full of good stories, ideas, and by the end of our meeting, tacos and hot sauce. They did enlighten me to a slew of companies of with whom they have worked or had connections. Among the many was Black Sheep & Prodigal Sons. When a company comes highly recommended by a folks I respect on a new level, and when said company’s motto is “Purveyors of Dark & Uncommon Goods,” it’s hard not to be impressed. Scouring the pages of their webshop, I came across their stockpins, a limited edition straight razor, scrimshaw pieces, and possibly the bossest of bracelets I’ve seen in my young life. So it is with a huge thanks to Matt and Fish that I now can say, “If I were to meet a girl willing to wear the Mammoth Talon Cuff, I’d most likely marry her on the spot.” Of course, it’d have to be paired properly. Goth robes and/or anything from Hot Topic is absolutely unacceptable. Like I said, a bit of evil goes a long way. Don’t go overboard.


One response to “A bit of evil goes a long way: Black Sheep & Prodigal Sons

  1. What the hell is this amazing crazy s#@T?! How in hell does one get “woolly mammoth bone?

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