A Kid at Heart: Johnston & Murphy Brennan Saddle Shoes

Shucks, maybe sometime, you'd maybe like to, uh, shucks.

I’m the first one to admit that when it comes to the opposite sex, I’m not always the Casanova “some” would think I could be. I get a bit flustered, bashful, and can sometimes spit out strings of nonsensical babble the likes of which could be found on any number of freestyle albums or refrigerator magnet poetry. That said, I feel the “kicks rocks” look of the Johnson & Murphy blue and white Brennan Saddles are right up my alley. I first saw the at J&M.com and then had the pleasure of getting hands on with them in Nashville at the corporate offices. It wasn’t until they showed up at my doorstep (a nice gift from my friends at the company) that I got to strap them on my feet, recalling a schoolboy look I had from years gone by. I was no better talking to girls in 6th grade than I am today. Now I’m just of legal drinking age and can drown out the post-failed-flirtation blues. Hey barkeep, is that girl drinking a Manhattan? Send her one on me.


4 responses to “A Kid at Heart: Johnston & Murphy Brennan Saddle Shoes

  1. I like those!! They’re really adorable 🙂


  2. Man….I have a terrible thing for two-toned shoes. Just got a pair of Allen Edmonds in cordovan/black. Can’t wait for the weather to warm up so I can break out the spectators.

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