The Sperry Camp Moc & the Spring time lovers.

I snapped a shot of one of my favorite pairs of shoes in my growing collection which just so happened to be a pair of Sperry Camp Mocs I snagged for a cool $15 at Marshall’s. Looking back, I should have bought all 4 pairs on the discount shelf, but I didn’t know I’d wear the hell out of them. Since, I’ve gone though a number of polish jars keeping the one pair I have (and cannot find ANYwhere) clean and primed for everyday wear. With Spring coming, I’m all too ready to rock them with cuffed khakis, no socks, and a few bottles of Andre in the park throwing the frisbee with some good blokes. Sure, that’s a hippie sentiment (cursed be the modern-hippie), but I can see it now: The park, my dog, a few feigned loved interests (cheap thrills, s’pose), good friends, and, Lord knows, passing out on some couch somewhere within walking distance to home. I’ve got a lot on the plate for 2010. Sperry’s new mocs are among them. Why not, right?

PS- Finding a dame to help carry the canoe? Priceless.


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