Tuesdays with the pretty girls: The male icon.

Enough said...

Remember when Fabio was big? Women loved the mythical-godlike bone structure and muscles, etc. I remember thinking as a lad, “Damn, I got a long way to go to get all buff and grow ridiculous blond hair.” Over time, I realized how stupid that look actually was and grew into whatever the hell I got going for me now. That said, our question to the pretty girls this week comes from Jack over at Thisisnotnew.com.

Who is, in you opinion, the ultimate male icon of past or present, music, film, sports etc and more importantly, why?


Being rather indecisive I try to avoid superlatives like 'ultimate icon' as it encompasses so many facets (and today maybe I'm just lazy). From a pure style perspective two of my all-time sartorial favorites are Cary Grant and Steve McQueen. Different styles, yes, yet both were always well tailored and uncomplicated, and both exuded a cool, confident, gentlemanly masculinity. Cary Grant wore a suit like none other, and it's difficult to resist McQueen's rugged boyishness. Now that I think about it, maybe I'm just a sucker for a clean, slick, side part.

Icon of all three? Not sure that there is such a man. Icons to me, however, exist relevant to time and how one relates. For example, Jack Kerouac is my icon of literature but is pertinent to how his work relates to me. As far as ultimate icon, I've always been fond of Fred Astaire. Not sure if there is any other male dance, actor, and singer who has accomplished as much as he has with such talent. Not to mention, he was quite fashionable as well.

While I considered the likes of honorable and intelligent men who changed the world -- Martin Luther King, Jr., Einstein, Shakespeare, Kanye (kidding) -- I decided to go with Forrest Gump. Sure, he's a fictional character, but he led a life that most people would dream of living, and did it while overcoming numerous obstacles. He inspired others, created the smiley face and spoke the truth, all while upholding his integrity.

James Dean. He's handsome and sexy!

David Beckham. I think girls would get this with no further explanation. From his body and his style to his British charm the word "delicious" would describe him perfectly. Tattoos, hair, smile, accent, and lets not forget he is a family man. Guys, take notes from Mr. Beckham!


One response to “Tuesdays with the pretty girls: The male icon.

  1. st louis representin’!

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