Coastal Living: Ribbon Belts of Knot.

I broke out the Nantucket Reds last night for the first time this season. It was a bit premature, but temperatures in the mid-50’s seemed to deem it an appropriate choice. Holding up said reds was an old J. Crew ribbon belt. I decided shortly after I wanted more. Just then, I was pointed towards those of Knot Clothing. Affordable ($35), colorful, clever, and handmade in New England. What’s really not to like? Plus, when I finally adopt my pup, they have a leash for him/her. Points added.


3 responses to “Coastal Living: Ribbon Belts of Knot.

  1. The horsebit and the navy/pink knots have my vote. good find, good price.

  2. i’ll take 3 please! id even rock the pink one.

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