Tuesdays with the pretty girls: But what of the beard?

We spoke of manscaping recently, but what of the hair adorning faces worldwide? How do the pretty girls feel about beards? This week’s question seeks to unveil that truth.

“It seems the ladies preferred clean-shaven faces or a bit of scruff.  My question pertains to full on beards.  I usually grow a solid full beard in the winter.  Is a bearded man immediately discounted in the eyes of the modern woman?  In my experience, a very select few actually gravitate toward a bearded face whereas most of the population is turned off by it.” – Tommy V. (TBTYH)

Beards are sexy; ironic mustaches are not. The End.

I admittedly have never dated someone with a full beard. To be honest, you just don’t see it very often. Although not immediately attractive to me, I can’t immediately dismiss the thought of a bearded beau. Some men could probably pull off the mountainman-ish look of a full beard in the right way; after all Sean Connery and George Clooney have worn one quite successfully.  Like so many things, I  think it comes down to personal style and grooming. Whatever look you’re going for with the beard, keep it neat and tidy. No ZZ Top, but not that weird thin barely-there strip of hair that frames the face of boy band members, either. And here’s a tip I read from a beard-wearer: to keep it from being too scratchy and coarse (not good), wash with shampoo and conditioner, just like your hair.

I love, LOVE, a bearded man. Rarely, do I gravitate toward a clean shaven man. There’s something sexy about a man who has a full beard or a good amount of scruff. I prefer someone rugged and kinda mountain man like. I will look at a man with a beard first, before, I lay my eyes on a clean shaven guy.

Beards are quite attractive, they usually make even the babiest of baby-faces look a bit manly. I enjoy looking at scruffy faces but I don’t feel the same when it comes to getting close to one. Just imagine rubbing your face against a dish scrubber sponge.  Doesn’t feel so nice.

A full beard is perfectly fine in my book.  Just make sure to maintain it with a trim every so often.  If you decide to do the full facial hair, you better make sure the hair on your head is on point though.  Greasy hair combined with a straggly beard a la Joaquin Phoenix is not OK.

I can’t say that I immediate discount a man with a full beard but I can’t say that drawn to them either. To each their own…or as they as, if the beard suits.

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5 responses to “Tuesdays with the pretty girls: But what of the beard?

  1. I like a bit of scruff, but I never find myself attracted to full-bearded men. But, reading over the responses, it seems like every girl is different…


    • momentumoffailure

      I’m glad it wasn’t a resounding NO or YES. Not being one who can actually grow a beard, I like that some don’t prefer them.

  2. Tom, you look great with the beard!

  3. ain’t nuthin’ wrong with a beard.

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