An essential: The pocket comb.

Pocket Comb

Ace is #1

It wasn’t until I chopped off my locks in favor of the JFK pomp that I thought to start carrying a pocket comb. Now, I am not sure how I ever got by without one. Quickly becoming a staple of my everyday garb, I use the little plastic piece as often as humanly possible. The office might think I ate something bad as trips to the mirror have become more frequent, but I care not. Plus, every time I pull the teeth of the $1.50 treasure through my do, I feel more and more like Ace from Wild Zero. And any girl that gets that reference is now the love of my life.The damn thing even says Ace…It’s perfect.

Wild Zero



6 responses to “An essential: The pocket comb.

  1. love the comb. guitar wolf?

  2. awesome post

  3. was just reading about Wild Zero the other day, strangely enough. nice reference!

  4. Hey good for you getting some play on Just randomly stumbled in and see that you’ve got a great site going here. And you’re a local!

    Great work.

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