Tuesdays with the Pretty Girls: Skinny jeans. Acceptable? Ridiculous? What matters…

Sexy Skinny Jeans

"Those look great on you, baby, but can I have my jeans back now?"

“I’ve never understood how men could ever wear pants tighter than some women. Is the skinniness of a man’s jeans relational to how attractive women find him? Do wider, more relaxed jeans mean boring and old-school? My thighs and butt will never fit into skinny jeans (or sometimes slim jeans) thanks to a lifetime of playing baseball and soccer. Am I doomed to be less hip and sexy than my hipster brethren? Or does the fit not make the man?” – Gabe, NYC

The fit does not make the man. Some people cannot and should not ever wear skinny jeans. Some people just don’t like them. Almost all of my running friends don’t wear skinny jeans. But it could be the copious amounts of beer we consume and not just that they’re legs muscles are huge.

Personally, I love guys in super skinnies…if they have a pair of super skinny legs to go with them. Maybe you should try some straight-leg jeans. That’s your best bet. It’s really not about how tight your pants are. Not all girls are as shallow as you seem to think.

I can’t believe we are discussing skin tight jeans for men. This is not OK. Baggy jeans are also a no-no. Wearing jeans that flatter your body type is more important than any trend in pants will ever be.

I’m all for denim, and pants for that matter, that fit well exclusive of the shape of the guy. While the overly baggy jean looks ridiculous, so does the skin tight jean. Denim leggings do not belong on boys. They honestly don’t belong on most girls. I like slim denim and and it’s a shape most guys can successfully wear. Even skinny-ish denim works on those who can pull it off (read: skinny guys) but leave the tight, curve-accentuating denim to us. For y’all with athletic builds just remember: when the temperatures climb, your legs will look so much better in 5″ chino shorts than those of a skinny hipster.

Skin, tight jeans won’t make a guy attractive, it’s his personal style. So, no, you’re not doomed. Leave it up to the women to wear tight jeans and wear whatever makes you feel confident.

“The clothes don’t make the man, the man makes the clothing.”  The more comfortable you are in your clothing, the more confident you’ll appear to others, and confidence is obviously sexy.  Skinny or wide jeans, they all come off eventually.

I am man enough to admit that up until, maybe, a year ago, I crammed myself into painted-on Kill City Junkies. One day, i caught my reflection, said to myself, “Boy, you look downright stupid,” and have since not donned skinny jeans. I noticed a decline in hipster chicks coming at me but an increase in women I actually want to attract. Quality over, well, anything hipster. Is that word even used anymore?

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3 responses to “Tuesdays with the Pretty Girls: Skinny jeans. Acceptable? Ridiculous? What matters…

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  2. According to global news skinny jeans are a health risk

  3. The word hipster will soon be replaced with Doucheoisie or Fauxhemian. I’m with Gabe – can’t fit into anything slimmer than straight leg. I’m a little bit chubby, but I also have very athletic legs. It’s not comfortable to wear anything slimmer. I’ve tried at stores, and my wife has laughed me out of them. Stick with what looks and feels good. The hipsters in the denim “leggings”, for the most part look ridiculous.

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