Essential: Jerky – Born in the USA

Beef Jerky

Breakfast of Champions, in a pinch

Some time back I made friends with Doug and a few people behind Nice blokes to boot. Over the course of our back-and-forths and knowing my affinity for the dried meat, they’ve been nice enough to send me a slew of product pro-bono. The latest batch is also their newest, bags of sweet & spicy orange and mango. But since I forgot breakfast this morning, I got into the mango variety, calling it glorified bacon which gave a proper excuse to eat jerky before 8am. I still got the orange, though, unopened and ready for whoever wants it. Just comment why you want the meat, and I will pick a lucky winner. If you want to bypass that and snag a bag now from the Born in the USA company, you can do that, too.

Spencer’s Jerky

Beef Jerky

Turkey Jerky

Real meat from the USA.


11 responses to “Essential: Jerky – Born in the USA

  1. because my parents took my constant, “don’t have a cow” smart alec-ery literally and never feed me beef growing up.

  2. Jerky, dark chocolate, and almonds got me through college. Mango flavored sounds real nice.

  3. …because I cannot have the Mango.

  4. Because I forget to eat breakfast all the time, and end up sucking on sugar packets in my cubicle. Orange jerky sounds like a treat in comparison.

  5. i know there is a small chance i could get jerky from you on 2 different occasions, but man that Orange jerky sounds good, so does the Mango. jerky for breakfast is almost like the grizzled mans corned beef and hash! just toss in some tater bites and you are golden!

  6. because i never had jerkey til a few minutes ago (ok years) when i stopped eating strictly kosher, also home sick today and the orange sounds like it might have a squeeze of vitamin c

  7. I have both scurvy and an iron deficiency. Let’s kill two birds.

  8. ’cause all the other post sucked sans Mr. Gardner’s, and he’ll be dead soon anyways . Scurvy, iron deficiency, AND a disastrous case o’ crabs is the word on the street…so that makes me next in line. MMM, orange beef

  9. Shame on Lawrence for bad-mouthing the previous posts. Disqualified. If not for that, for the fact that he has to piggy back off someone else’s sense of humor.

  10. kettle’d the pot black on that last post, Dan, no?? You don’t need beef, you have enough to go around. Hugs might be best in order for you my friend!!

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