Attest to the Proper Fit: J.Crew’s Utility Jacket

JCrew Utility Jacket

Like I said, "Collar up..."

Popped into J. Crew yesterday on a much-needed retail therapy retreat. Life’s getting 8 shades of heavy at the moment, and I needed a relaxer. Since I’m not one for smoking up or going intravenous, shopping suffices. I really went to return the school boy cap I bought and thought I could pull off (not me), and ended up snagging a Utility Jacket and a pair of Essex pants. The pants were green. I had to do it. And they were $40. Again, had to. While the pants are going to be reserved for special occasions, the jacket, in its faded-black glory will be worn much more often. The fit is perfect, the weight is ideal for slightly brisk days and/or chilly Summer eves. Plus the sleeves roll up without looking goofy. Win, win, and win.I wore it to the dive bar for a quick happy hour last night. What did I notice? The reason I stopped going to that crappy bar… (Actual pictures of the gear to come.)


2 responses to “Attest to the Proper Fit: J.Crew’s Utility Jacket

  1. Intravenus de Milo. Brilliant reference!

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