Hunted & Gathered: Sperry Topsiders at Marshall’s

At $40/pair, I couldn't buy just one.

An idea-packed lunch Saturday with the illustrious Eli Getson yielded some famous results of creativity, cemented plans, and a future so bright, the use of protective eyewear is a must. Having no plans afterwards, I randomly checked out a Marshall’s location in the ‘burbs. Among the knock off iPod accesories and Polo Club Association gear were a slew of authentic Sperry Topsiders. Still on cloud 9 from the meeting, I went ahead and snagged the navy/white and brown/white colorways. Summer is coming as is the Yacht Party*.

* Yacht party details coming soon.


5 responses to “Hunted & Gathered: Sperry Topsiders at Marshall’s

  1. Damn, you lucky bastard. The Marshall’s I went to only had the brown/brown. Gotta check more stores. Maybe suburbs is the key.

    • momentumoffailure

      The suburbs usually yield the best results. Consumers down there don’t know what they’re looking for.

  2. Good find! Marshalls is so often overlooked, but when one picks through the piles of crap, certain gems can be found. Another blogger, sorrentollens found RL crystal double old fashioned glasses for $4 each.

  3. I never thought Marshall’s would have Sperry’s. I should have looked before I bought my 75th anniv Seamates.

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