Tuesdays with the Pretty Girls: Springtime Love and the Art of Courting

Summer Lovin', Spring Lovin'. What's the difference?

Spring’s here. It’s staying light later, the weather is warming, flowers are blooming, all that. It also means new loves are afoot. Scene: You have all day with a new guy trying his best to woo you. Describe a perfect Spring date. As hopeless of a romantic I like to consider myself, a gent can never be too learned when it comes to understanding how to properly court a woman. – Will

I’m a hands down old fashioned hopeless romantic, but articulating the perfect spring date is challenging (less so than trying to actually plan and execute this date…hats off to the gents in that regard). Instead of detailing out the minutia of a ‘perfect date’ I’ll instead offer a few preferences and suggestions because for me, surprise is half the fun. In the spring there’s nothing better than enjoying sunshine and a warm breeze so plan some time outside, maybe a picnic, a bike ride, a stroll through the farmers market or vintage shop; even better if you’re near a lake or the ocean. Somewhere with picturesque scenery and good people watching that inspires some witty conversation, perhaps. Pay a genuine compliment on something other than physical appearance. Prepare a meal with some good wine. Make me laugh. End the night with a dance on the rooftop overlooking the city lights and I’d certainly be wooed.
I guess spring does inspire the romantic in all of us, doesn’t it?
It is impossible to describe the perfect date as it varies depending on who you are with. However, I have compiled a 10 step list that applies to any first date. Follow these rules and you’re a step (or two) ahead of the rest:
1. Call when you say you’re going to.
2. Plan the date at least 2 days in advance.
3. Do not cancel or postpone the date.
4. Plan where you will go and what you will do.
5. Dress appropriately for the date.
6. Brush, floss, and shave.
7. Offer to pick her up or send a cab.
8. Open doors for her.
9. Ask her questions about herself.
10. Pay for the entire date.
I’m a sports fan, and if we both love baseball, the perfect spring date would be to go to a game.  No, it’s definitely not the most romantic date, but you can bond over hot dogs and beers in a casual, fun atmosphere.  Doing something you both love (i.e. watching sports) will help ease any potential awkwardness if you’re with a new guy… that is, unless you get on the Kiss Cam…
A perfect date would consist of making pancakes in the morning. On a hot day, a pinic at the beach in swim attire or on a colder day, a trip to the museum. To finish the night, make some dinner and snuggle! Really, I just want the date to be the sweetest thing ever.
There is no right or wrong answers here. It doesn’t matter what the date consists of, it’s the person you’re with that makes the date.
The perfect Spring date to me would be doing stuff that we both enjoy but then maybe spending the evening together just the two of us.  I probably wouldn’t want to know the details of the day in entirety, therefore don’t idolize the perfect date in specific details. There is of course something romantic about a bit of a surprise. At the end of the day though, just going to dinner at a good restaurant, maybe going to the symphony or play would be fun. I’ve been on too many dates where everything goes good then the guy takes to you to a club. There’s nothing romantic about doing things that you can do on a regular basis.
Alright, so I asked this question. And seeing as how I’ve had little to no luck in the girlfriend department in recent past, I thought I could use some help. I’m sure I’m not the only one.
Have a question for the pretty girls? Submit it now.

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