Pinpoint Oxfords: Just need a new iron.

On a recent J. Crew retail therapy outing, I scored a one of their pinpoint oxfords for the decent price of $30. It hasn’t made its way into my regular rotation right off and not because of the recent 12″ of snow (informer!) but because it came wrapped nicely in the pictured cardboard band. While the presentation was choice, it left some terrifically stubborn wrinkles that I have yet to iron them out. All along I thought I had a perfectly good, fully functioning iron. I went to use it the other day and BLAMMO! it goes haywire and decides, “You know what, Will? Get bent. I’d rather be dead.” While it may just have prejudice against J. Crew (maybe the recent trans-sexual scandal tipped the scales?), but I may have to see how a new iron stacks up against it and a few from LL Bean Sig and Ralph Lauren.

J. Crew Oxford

J. Crew Gingham Oxford

J. Crew Oxford Tie

United Colors of Ralph Lauren Oxfords

LL Bean Signature Striped Oxford

LL Bean Signature Solid Oxford


10 responses to “Pinpoint Oxfords: Just need a new iron.

  1. How would you wear a yellow oxford shirt without lookin like a high school boy on his way to a student council meeting?

    • momentumoffailure

      With confidence and the knowledge that high school kids on their way to those meetings grow up to be among the brightest and most successful.

    • I’d layer with blues, reds, and greens. Make it about the complementing colors, not the oxford.

      And confidence. Yes, confidence.

      • momentumoffailure

        That’s the idea really. I will stick with a basic white and pair it with something. Classic.

  2. Приятно узнать что думает по этому поводу умный человек. Спасибо за статью.

    • momentumoffailure

      “It is pleasant to learn that the clever person thinks in this occasion. Thanks for clause.”


  3. That’s the greatest retort I’ve heard in a while.

  4. А можно часть поста использовать в местной газете? Естественно с ссылкой на первоисточник?

    • momentumoffailure

      “A portion of the post can be used in the local newspaper? Naturally with reference to the source?” Anyone speak Russian?

  5. They need to be ironed, and starched as well!

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