Revisited and Tested Properly: L.L. Bean Signature Waxed Canvas Maine Hunting Shoe

Granted, this picture is somewhat of an exaggeration, as the snowfall last night didn’t render any vehicles upside-down (abandoned, yes), but the 12″ that landed in the Metro region didn’t help with the commute to work. Slippin’ and slidin’ all over the damn place, who would have thought a ’95 Integra wasn’t the best for snow packed streets? I know a girl willing to sell me a 2009 Impreza Sport Wagon, though it is a bit out of my budget. At any rate, if the treacherous drive this AM wasn’t enough to stress me out, stepping out of my car and into a tiny lake/large puddle in the office parking lot did the trick. I can now attest to the importance of a good boot, and luckily I was wearing the LL Bean Sig Waxed Canvases. Not too sound like a billboard, but sitting all day with wet feet makes Will get a little stabby.

Simple Pleasures: Waterproofing


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