A video: The Streets – Dry Your Eyes

The Breakup Season is here, or at least that’s what I’ve come to call the Spring time. And for whatever reason (I think it’s rather obvious), Mike Skinner is able to capture the essence of the simplicity and heartbreak that the lot of us go through post-relationship. For the bouncers-back, the broken-hearted, and the let-go-slowlies…



3 responses to “A video: The Streets – Dry Your Eyes

  1. As cheesy as it is, listening to this song brings back memories of my first breakup because she let me onto the Streets. I got that same pair of Onitsuka Tigers after I saw the video.

  2. To call any of the song by The Streets “cheesy” is sacrilege, mate. As a friend once told me after I had a springtime breakup not too long ago, “Perk up. It’s April in New York.” The ladies are stripping away the layers and making it out to the bars. My advice to those lovelorn louts: thrown on a crisp oxford, a pair of bangin’ Red Wings, and buy a nice looking lady a drink.
    Oh, and listen to this prior to going out:

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