Redeemed, kind of. Gilt sends the Unis Plaid Tie faster than anticipated.

Packaging win.

I’ve been bad about biting my tongue lately when it comes to the goods Gilt has been pushing. In all fairness, they go in and out with the frequency of quality versus crap. If it were all good all the time, I’d be A) broke and B) nonplussed when I saw a brand for which I was actually excited. Gilt went on my shite-list when I anxiously awaited Penfield’s appearance, hopped on a down vest, and got an email three weeks later saying they didn’t have it. Sure the $25 credit was nice, but I’d rather have the vest. Though, they did surprise me when i got home last evening and saw a relatively unmarked box at my door containing the Unis tie I used the credit on in a graphically-detailed box. So, they’ve redeemed themselves, for now.

In time for Summer


5 responses to “Redeemed, kind of. Gilt sends the Unis Plaid Tie faster than anticipated.

  1. I got the blue/brown bow tie and was equally excited when I got it yesterday. First Gilt experience = not too bad.

  2. My gripe with them is the fact that it takes FOREVER to deliver ANYTHING! I seriously waited for my American Apparel order for 2 months. No joke. Ugh.

    But good on you for the tie! Looks good & bonus art box 😀

    • momentumoffailure

      I knew something was up when, in November when I had ordered the Penfield, the shipping was scheduled for between March and April.

  3. I’ve had iffy experiences with Gilt too so have been on a 4 month hiatus with them. Never as traumatizing as losing out on a Penfield vest though! The Unis ties looks great all the same!

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