Yacht Party Essentials: Ray-Bans of various styles.

To kick off the Summer, my friend, Amanda and I will be hosting one hell of a yacht-themed, invite-only (you can come) party complete with boat drinks, Jimmy Buffet, topsiders, seersucker shorts, linen button downs, and probably a few pairs of Ray-Bans here and there, whether they be knock-offs or the real deal. Personally, I’ve been eying a pair of Clubmasters for a good long while but put off the hunt when I realized I wanted some Persols. Now, the sights have been set back on Ray-Ban. One can always use a decent pair of Aviators, Wayfarers, and/or Clubmasters, in my opinion. Especially when yacht Parties are involved…..


3 responses to “Yacht Party Essentials: Ray-Bans of various styles.

  1. I left my Wayfarers in a hotel room in LA a couple of months ago, and ended up pretty much bribing the hotel housekeeping staff to mail them back to me. It was totally worth it… They’re definitely in the top three for favorite pair of sunglasses I’ve ever owned.

  2. Love the leather Outdoorsman. Too bad they are $499. Trying to find myself a pair of the “regular” ones at a decent price. Haven’t given Wayfarers much of a thought until just now. Love them in the tortoise. And as for your desire for Persols, feed the urge! They are worth every dime. They are like buying a Barbour – it is an item you will have for life. Unless you lose them diving into a wave in Aruba on your honeymoon 😛

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