Debate: The Cowboy Boot – Taking up closet space or good to have on hand?

Hardly worn, but worn hard.

Doing this closet purge has been cathartic to say the least. It’s also been a trip into the past, uncovering wears I haven’t seen for years upon years. Latest find in the piles of the past: a pair of cowboy boots. Initially, I thought, “To the ‘sell pile’ with you.” Then I pondered if I’d ever wear them. They aren’t exactly taking up space given I haven’t seen them in ages, but by the same token, I haven’t seen them in ages: Do I need them? I pretend that they’ll make me look like a man, like the Duke, like an American hero, when in actuality I end up feeling like Jerry Seinfeld. I have always been a fan of girls in the boots, but that’s a different story. So, Sell or Keep?


10 responses to “Debate: The Cowboy Boot – Taking up closet space or good to have on hand?

  1. I’ve been wanting a pair recently for when I go to the farm. I say keep.

  2. If they were real cowboy boots, keep. Zippered half-cowboy boots? Sell.

  3. No idea how cowboy boots size but an 11 in most shoes.

  4. Zippered boots are a no-go. Get a pair of Justin Bay Apache Ropers or a pair of Red Wing 1155s.

    • momentumoffailure

      Alright, that seals the deal. They’re gone. Going to snag a pair of Whites this coming weekend anyway.

  5. Didn’t notice the zippers the first time around. I’d have to agree with the sell.

  6. The zipper reminds me of something you’d buy from Buckle, which would immediately cast them into my sell pile (sorry).
    However, being a southern man myself, I love boots, but I would advise getting some Frye boots with the buckle (Harness 8R or 12R). In my experience they’ve also been unbelievably durable.

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