Presidents Day comes every 4 or 5 weeks.

JFK, Hyannis Port:

I feel like Fred Willard making light of his “shaggy” hair in Spinal Tap, but after getting used to keeping the coiffe in short and proper order, going a tad longer between haircuts this last go has left me feeling “moppish” up top. Taken to the classic Kennedy cut, it was slightly apropos this past weekend when I picked up the John F. Kennedy Handbook at Barnes & Noble after a quaint salad bar lunch with mom. Suburban life: I can see how some people could get used to it…so long as it’s not the “Got married to my HS sweetheart after graduation, popped out a few kids, and got stuck doing this…” scenario. That’s just not for me, is all. I’m not judging. I’ll take a yacht/campaign trail cut, dreams of Hyannis Port, and JFK Handbook and be sound as a pound, until I meet my own Jackie O.


One response to “Presidents Day comes every 4 or 5 weeks.

  1. totally misread that last sentence and thought you said something about pounding jackie o.

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