The Lord likes madras, khakis and a nice pair of Top-Siders

…At least, that’s what I am going with seeing as how it’s the attire I donned for service Easter Sunday and I have yet to be smited (smoted?). While much of the congregation wore standard Church wear, darker jackets, whites and grays, etc., I deemed it appropriate to color up the pew a bit on the beautiful Spring morning with my dad and little sister. After all, Jesus rising is an uplifting story, a rejuvenation of life, a second chance, a bounce-back, a part of something bigger…something of which always makes me feel like a new person. I neglected to snap shots at service, but the outfit was as follows:

JCrew Plantation Madras

JCrew Essential Chino

Sperry Authentic Boat Shoe

Add a pair of argyle socks and a Tanner Goods belt? I was feeling good. It should be said, too, that while I’m no Barry Manilow, I can sing with the best of them when handed a hymnal book and the promise that only maybe the two closest people in the vicinity will hear me sing.


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