All in good time: The 1975 Volvo 164e

'75 Volvo 164e / Photo:

I’ve been in the market for a new ride for a bit now, and while it’s probably better to buy something more on the sensible side, I can’t help but look at cars that one day it would be enjoyable to restore. This week, on Craigslist, I came across a 1975 Volvo 164e (pictured below), for a cool $3K. I could probably get somewhere around $2300 for my Integra which means I could either bargain the guy down a few hundred or save up a bit. Could be worth it to sport about town in a choice Volvo such as this. I need to meet a girl, and any girl that would take to the guy driving this ride is my kind of woman. Classic, appreciative of style, and most-likely down to Earth…I’m not looking to hook up with any Ferrari lovers.


This is the exact rig for sale. And here’s the description:

1975 volvo 164e

I have too many cars, and the wife said this one has to go, This is a Clean car with just over 100k on the odometer.

Loaded with Auto trans, A/C, power steering, electric windows. Aftermarket Stereo, CD, with Ipod hook up. A must see for Volvo lovers. The b30e engine is one of the Volvo workhorses. A little bit of cash will make this car scream! This is what this car could do with a little TLC, Check out this video..

3000 firm, will consider reasonable offers.

I like the language about the wife, personally. That and the fact that he included the following video to help sell the beast.

Hell, I’m sold, but I could use a second, third, fourth, fifth opinion…


8 responses to “All in good time: The 1975 Volvo 164e

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  2. I have had several Volvos, old and new. The older ones tend to be cantankerous at times, as all old cars are. My current ride is a 1990 240 wagon. It has more than 250k miles, but it still runs like a champ. Curiously, I get a lot of thumbs up with this car; I think people are starting to recognize it as a classic. Best of all, it is new enough to have safety features, and mechanics are familiar with it.

    • momentumoffailure

      As ideal as it would be to sport about in a 75 or 76 Volvo, the practicality, at my age, isn’t there. A 1990 wagon you say? I will look into it. Thanks, man. Got any pictures? Would love to see them and maybe do a post.

  3. I like this Volvo very much, it’s simply a classic car. And very beautiful indeed. I didn’t know until now that Volvo was capable of producing beautiful cars (if you don’t count the new ones). Still, my choice to buy would be BMW 323 E21, or even older (if you want some class) BMW 2002.

    • momentumoffailure

      The older BMWs are pretty stylin as well. I’ve never had a good experience with a BMW, though, and I have driven Volvos before. This is the reasoning behind the Swedish cars. Whether I will go this old or not is still up for debate as parts can be hard to find and quite pricey, but it’s tempting nonetheless.

      • It all depends on your budget and willingness to work on the car and look for parts… I doubt that, with a car this old, you’ll be able to drive it with no repairs.

  4. I have an old 1975 Volvo 164E. Its a great car and I use it as a daily driver, but it does require alot of patients and $ to keep it going. I’ve replaced everything just about on mine except the transmission, which seems strong as ever. Its like having a new car if you have the patients to find all the parts and replace them.

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