Like father like son: The 1967 Volvo 122S

1967 122s - Photo:

In what can only be called a continuation of the 164e post, I asked my dad this morning about the old Volvo he used to drive.

It was a light blue 1967 Volvo 122S with a black interior.  It had twin carbs that you could tune.  We drove the wheels off it!  Used to get over 40 mpg.  Once on a trip back to Colorado at Christmas, we were crossing Kansas and the generator went out and we had to run the headlights on the battery.  To conserve the battery, we ran without lights for times.  We were able to go around 100 miles at a time before we had to pull into a gas station to have the battery recharged.  I remember pulling into our driveway in Ft. Collins shortly after dawn and just being wiped out.

Got me thinking that I too want some of my own stories to tell my kids about road trips in certain cars. I have a few regarding a 1990 Camry, but those pale in comparison to saying, “We packed up the troops, 10 cases of beer, the fishing poles, and the girlfriends into my old Volvo and drove through the night to Long Lake in Wisconsin to see about a few muskies.” To the creation of memories…and keeping an eye out for a 122s if the 164e doesn’t work out.




One response to “Like father like son: The 1967 Volvo 122S

  1. I own a ’66 122s and find it to be the most beautiful car ever made. I’d wanted one since I was 14 years old so at age 27 I bit the bullet, found a gem, and brought her home. I confess, I’m a bit of a Volvo addict but the lines of this vehicle are unrivaled. If I were offered any car in the world, I’d still stick with this beauty! I also own a ’79 245 wagon and previously owned a ’78 244.

    One caveat to classic car ownership: if you don’t enjoy tinkering, learning about and repairing your little piece of history, don’t buy one. They are fun, but it is a constant race to stay ahead constant failures which occur due to age. For instance, my ’66 just lost taillight power last night. Ugh. 1 month ago the horn relay had corroded and forced the car to honk, at first, during every turn, and then, constantly. I don’t have a working speedometer so I have no idea of my speed, you get the idea. But I enjoy the challenges and see each as a little project.

    A ’90-’93 Volvo 240 might be more your speed. ABS, airbags, and far less tinkering but rock solid dependability are found in those bricks.

    My apologies for the length of this comment! Brevity is apparently not my strong suit.

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