Opening Day 2010 – Coors Field: Boat shoes, hot dogs, good times.

Coors Field - Not season tickets.

Tonight’s the night. We’ve all been waiting anxiously here in the Rocky Mountain State for opening day. It’s been far too long since last season. Sure, if you live in Milwaukee, opening day has come and gone. But yours was on a Monday. Ours? Friday. Definitely. Regardless. It’s time for mild nights under the bright lights and hot days in the scorching sun drinking $7.25 Coors Lights, kickin about in polos, shorts and boat shoes (Allen Edmonds Sandlots if you got the $125 – $130), surrounded by 20,000 of your closest friends. If I see you out there, say hey. I’m usually in good spirits at the park, granted the Rockies are winning, or I was able to get the flask past security. Afterwards, it’s off to Steve’s Snappin’ for some signature Rockies Dogs if we haven’t had our fill at the field.


11 responses to “Opening Day 2010 – Coors Field: Boat shoes, hot dogs, good times.

  1. My Mets will be in town next week. You going to any of those games?

  2. There’s a certain joy in finding out that one of the blogs you regularly read is right in your back yard.

    Keep up the good work and enjoy the game!

    • momentumoffailure

      Ha that’s always a nice surprise, eh? I will have to get my hands on a Tiki in light of this new development.

  3. hey man, do you mean 2010?

  4. That’s the only kind of baseball I like…in person on a cool summer night.
    Enjoy! My sis will be there too…

  5. Make mine a Lemon Chill and I’m in. Not a beer fan(I know…I’m so un-American).

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