Outbid but probably for the best: Mister Freedom X Sugarcane Chambray Shirt

Mister Freedom Sugarcane Chambray ShirtThe stage was set: There was an hour left in the auction, only one other bidder had cared to chime in, I was on top by at least $10, and it seemed like I was going to have this one in the bag. For a cool $70, I was about to walk away with a Mister Freedom X Sugarcane Chambray shirt. Excited was an understatement. To pass the time, I decided to get out, take a walk, and rely on mobile notifications to tell me when I won. Par for the course,  ran into a friend while walking around and before I knew it, a good hour and a half has gone by. Much to my chagrin, I had a notification that I had indeed lost the shirt to another high bidder. However, when i saw the final price and the 15 other bidders that had played the game, I was glad to have retained $135 for which the chambray went.

Mister Freedom Shirts

Photo: MisterFreedom.com

Naturally, I checked Mister Freedom’s site, and realized that I must get to LA now and check out the goods for myself. And now that I got wind this morning that my buddy, who indeed lives in the city of angels is getting married, it’s all the more reason to finally head West, young man.


6 responses to “Outbid but probably for the best: Mister Freedom X Sugarcane Chambray Shirt

  1. Even $135 isn’t a bad price for a MFxSC shirt. I checked out the place for a couple minutes, and there are a lot of real cool stuff in that shop (expensive, but real cool nonetheless). They had a mini section with all the SC collab items.

  2. The same thing happened to me but I was persistent and won this fantastic shirt for $147.50 on ebay last month. I’m sure it’ll pop up again. For the quality, I say it’s worth the price.

  3. My apologies sir!

  4. Sorry to hear.
    It’s fire.

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