The Canadian Tuxedo – How does one avoid it?

Real 'mericans

Found my old denim jacket in storage last night when pulling the bike out to recommission it for the Spring/Summer time. I had every intention of immediately throwing on the jacket (after a wash) but hesitated when I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror. I think I’ll look as cool as Guitar Wolf, The Boss or Danny Zuko (most time they opted for leather, I know, but the point remains), but I end up feeling like Captain O’Hagan from Super Troopers. The question is, how do you do the all denim look and not appear as though you’re the President and CEO of Levi’s Strauss? Is it all in the confidence? Or do I just go all leather and know ain’t no one gonna mess with my Wild Zero style?

Wild Zero

Them zombies ain't got nothin' on me.


7 responses to “The Canadian Tuxedo – How does one avoid it?

  1. Two words: ass-less chaps.

  2. Jean jacket with jeans=no no

    Jean jacket with khakis=get em

  3. So long as they aren’t close to the same color/wash, you’re golden. I’ve rocked a black denim jacket with worn in indigo 501s and it looks alright.

  4. Not trying to rain on the parade, but I think the Canadian tuxedo looks better on chicks.
    That being said, I think the farther away the color of the wash, or the pant/denim bottom, the better.

  5. Canadian Tuxedo topic has been making the rounds in the blogosphere.

    I have seen it pull off successfully where the wash of the jacket and bottom were the same on
    a friend of mine. Although, I to rock the CT too I follow the rule of different wash for top and bottom and know I can’t pull off the matching . I have come to the conclusion the reason he can I can’t:

    1) He is in a band ( I’m in IT)
    2) He is a celebrity ( at least a minor one)
    3) He has confidence ( or at least swagger to pull off the look)

    Toronto, Canada

  6. Late add but I must say this is an interesting blog… Just going through pages but this one struck me. I’ve been accused of this countless especially for being from Toronto Canada. The rules:

    -gotta mess with different washes (i go with raw denim and a washed out denim jacket)

    -gotta mess with materials (go with wool pants or cotton pants, such as lenin or khakis)

    My best look is grey raw denim and my blue denim jacket the best get-up ever
    Just do this with confidence and a lean and you should be fine.

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