Spotted: Volvo 122S – Denver, CO

I kept noticing this Volvo 122S on my drive home from work but hadn’t had the time to give it a proper once-over. On a long walk with the camera through the neighborhoods of Denver, I kept an eye out for it. Despite the sheepskin seat covers in front, it’s in remarkable condition. As much I want to pull the trigger on a Volvo Amazon daily driver well within my price range, I think I will have to watch these cars from afar for the time being. Until the day I have a shock of silver hair and the financial means to afford parts, labor, etc, I will be the one on this side of the lens. Still, sharp ride. Just like Dad used to have, in fact…

Volvo 122s

Volvo 122s

Volvo 122s


6 responses to “Spotted: Volvo 122S – Denver, CO

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  2. I love that car. However, your fish-eye lens is making me dizzy.

  3. Creeeepy.

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