Scorpions & Whales, Anchors & Oars – J.Crew patterned socks for the edge.

JCrew Socks

You won't have them.

The best thing about the J.Crew outlet is the random finds. Granted the shirts and pants do not fit well at all, so I refrain from buying those, it’s hard to mess up an accessory like a Trilby, tie, or, in this case a pair of socks. It’s not just that I like socks with a bit of interest to them (scorpions and whales play nice in that realm), it’s more of the fact that you won’t see them on anyone else. So, say you kick your feet up at the roundtable with a group of easily-impressed investors while you pitch an idea for a new speakeasy…”Are those anchors??? Cool! Here’s some money.” Bam. It’s that easy.

Whales in Saddles


3 responses to “Scorpions & Whales, Anchors & Oars – J.Crew patterned socks for the edge.

  1. Great post, where are those saddle shoes from though?

  2. Nice find … loving the scorpion socks.

    Say, I picked up a couple of J. Crew button-downs from my local Goodwill store this weekend. They look like some items in the current online catalog but I was wondering — is there a way to tell if they’re from the outlet line? A different tag, perhaps?

    • momentumoffailure

      Check the tag. If there are tiny diamonds under the name “J.Crew,” those are outlet shirts. They fit just slightly irregular for me. I know people who have had no trouble in them.

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