Dispelling the no polo & tie rule one J. Crew Madras at a time.

J. Crew madras

Fix up, look sharp. Told ya.

They said it couldn’t be done. They said, “Never, bro. Never ever.” They said, “That sounds and looks stupid, man.” But dammit if I don’t make the polo shirt / tie ensemble work for me. This leads me to believe it will for others. I’m not some special being, outside of the unique qualities only I possess, that is. I’m just here to do what I can.

The look:

J. Crew Polo Shirt / J. Crew Madras Tie / J. Crew purple V-Neck Sweater (Not pictured: J. Crew Slim Fit Chinos / Sperry Camp Mocs (brown))

…And it is now I realize I am wearing Crew head to…ankle. Eh, I’m digging the look enough to wear it on a first date tomorrow night. It goes to show, no matter what the crowd says, if you can make it work and channel Tim Gunn, anything is possible. For tomorrow, though, I will go with a different plaid.

I snagged a few ties yesterday at some great prices. Post to come…


5 responses to “Dispelling the no polo & tie rule one J. Crew Madras at a time.

  1. tighter knot with a dimple?

    typing that ^ out kinda ruins the casual part of the tie/polo shirt thing

  2. I feel a certain kinship with you, my man. Must be the shared love for J.Crew.

    I know people can hate on this look but I always live by the “find what works for you, and do it” rule. Throw it on and if it makes you feel great, walk out the door. Life’s too short.

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