Out and About: Biker Jim’s Dogs – Denver, CO

Been a bit since I’ve had the chance to give some new eats a go, but on my long walk last weekend, acting like an art nerd with a fish-eye lens, I happened upon what has quickly become a cult favorite among the Mile High foodies, Biker Jim’s cart. Deciding I needed a bottle of Stranahan’s ended up being the most fortuitous decision of the day.

Biker Jim's Hot Dogs

Reindeer Games.

In the parking lot of Argonaut stood the hot dog stand manned by, not Biker Jim himself, but from what I caught (and can remember) his name was Mosh. At any rate, I caught the tail end of the day’s business and was able to wrangle a buffalo brat before they closed up cart. I could have gone more adventurous with a reindeer, elk, veal or wild boar, but I refrained, for now. Honestly, the buffalo was maybe one of the best encased meats I’ve shoved down the gullet, and I’ve waited for two hours outside of Hot Doug’s in March Chicago wind. It’s comparing apples and oranges, sure, but something about the vagrants trolling Colfax, the dust from the liquor store parking lot, the thick smell of exhaust from passing trucks, and the fresh bottle of whiskey in my hand made this particular eat all the better. If you’re wanting to some of Denver’s best cart food, Biker Jim himself is usually down on the 16th Street Mall, but when you’re lucky enough to catch the Argonaut station, do it. Here’s a little more info on Biker Jim. Hell, if it’s good enough for Anthony Bourdain, it’s good enough for you.

Biker Jim's

Biker Jim's Onions


One response to “Out and About: Biker Jim’s Dogs – Denver, CO

  1. As a Colorado native and lover of whisky, I heartily agree with the love for Stranahan’s.

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