Too wide, too skinny, and just right. Bonobos polos are like my ties.

One of the aspects I like most about a company is attention to the masses. I mean, when someone on the other end seems to be listening. While I have an unhealthy fondness for the likes of J. Crew (as evidenced in my  illustrious history on this site), I wish they had more of a “face” to which I could connect, like the gents at Bonobos make so easy. It goes further than customer service and delves into complete interactivity. But so I don’t come off sounding like a billboard, I was a fan of the inbox-blowup today featuring their new polos, not too wide, not too slim.

Like a glove not on OJ's hand. Too soon?

It’s how I like my ties, especially when wearing them with my polos. Haters be damned. It’s a good look if you can wear it. And me? I can. As if you needed a reminder…

Razorburn and all...

I need a new aftershave or new razor or both.


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