Stepping up an otherwise lost game & reconsidering falling into the Gap

I am unabashed and actually semi-proud to have worked at Banana Republic when I was 21. (I think it had, in part, to do with the fact that I coined the term “Bananager,” which I called my higher ups.) Seems the clothes back then (7-8 years ago) were better at the Nanner. It could be I didn’t have the “refined” eye I have since developed, but more of their line back in the day caught my attention versus the mediocrity I am seeing from them today. But go down a level, brand-wise, and check out the Gap. For the longest time I steered clear from falling through their doors, but as of late, more and more has me coming in. The latest? The Gap Chambray shirts.Spotted them this past weekend, and though I didn’t feel like trying one on, I may just be going back today to snag one.

Gap ChambrayGap ChambrayGap Chambray

I did walk away with a Marled crewneck for a whopping $8. Get jealous.

3 responses to “Stepping up an otherwise lost game & reconsidering falling into the Gap

  1. Wow your sales are amazing where you live, I got the same crewneck on sale for $20

    I’m not too sure about jumping on the chambray bandwagon though… too trendy for my tastes

  2. In NY you can pick up coupon booklets at your local GAP stores, and I assume it’s the same nationwide. On Wednesday’s during the month of May you receive 40% off a regular priced item (or 45% if you have a GAP card). I’ve been stocking up on their chambray’s and selvage denim… on Wednesdays. Check it out.

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