If only I hadn’t given away my motorcycle…

Cinco de Mayo was supposed to be a night full of margs, chips and salsa, and fiestas galore. Instead, my body decided, “Hey, let’s just not work anymore and resign Will to the couch after work…” It does that from time to time when it thinks it’s being funny. Another story for another time…What I am getting at is before I put the kibosh on the evening’s plans, I forced myself to head to Cherry Creek Mall to take advantage of the 40% off Gap coupon burning a hole in my khakis. With the sole intent of snagging  a railroad chambray, which I did, I also scored a Gap Moto Leather Jacket.

The camera itself is in focus at least.

I wasn’t going to grab it or the Cropped Trench, but when I saw the reduction on the leather, it was too good not to pass up (see below). Gap’s site isn’t carrying the leather jacket which either means I got the last one, or it’s a past line. The good thing about an item like this though is that it’s timeless. I always hear about leather jackets getting passed down from father to son. My dad was never big into them so I wasn’t afforded the opportunity. Now I have one to give to my son, though. That’s something, right? Right.

Quality markdown, indeed.

Now if I wasn’t incredibly unhappy with the fit of the chambray and if I hadn’t given my motorcycle away so many years ago, the icing could have been applied to the cake.


8 responses to “If only I hadn’t given away my motorcycle…

  1. Love it! I can’t believe you got it for that price. You are the prince of bargain hunting.

    • momentumoffailure

      I’m not a Medium and normally a small, but the price was right. Plus I will most likely wear a layer or two. I assured the cashier that I wouldn’t be wearing it with a tank top. She said though if I did and took a picture, she’d give me 20% off whatever I wanted. Worth it?

  2. wow! great find. I bought my only leather jacket from Gap as well. Found it in a corner of their store in a wealthier SF suburb, somewhat hidden, and in a medium which was too big for me. Full price, $378.

    Bought it anyway. Got it tailored. Fits great. Best purchase I ever made from Gap, and worth every dollar.

    Glad you found yours for that ridiculous price.

    • momentumoffailure

      I’m a small as well, but it fits tighter than a medium should. If only the chambray fit at ALL. I am not sure what’s going on there, but it’s in the “return” pile now.

  3. I’ve got the railroad and red chambray heading my way as well. I hope I’ve got better luck with the fit than you did, because I really dig the shirts.

  4. What a sick find.

  5. Cr@p, what a deal!!!

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