Especially in this economy…

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About a year back, I started tacking …especially in this economy… onto everything I said. I deemed it the …in bed… of our generation as it was applicable to just about anything and everything. While I find it humorous, it is also true. We’ve fallen on harder times pocketbook-wise, but that hasn’t stopped me from blowing through cash like a banshee. Though I have become more conscious of the sales and deals and return policies places offer. Hell, if I’munna be shopping, I might as well save a lil scrilla. Latest score? J. Crew Sutherland trench. Originally $198. I paid much, much less as evidenced here… And if the steal wasn’t enough, later the same evening, a pretty lass with a sweet smile and soft eyes bought me a beer. How could I say no? …Especially in this economy?


One response to “Especially in this economy…

  1. sounds like a pretty great day. there was a jacket at J Crew I wished I had bought yesterday that was way marked down (but was a size or two too big). definite the opposite of buyer’s remorse.

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