Even the J. Crew counter girls giggled.

Did Crew do any market research when naming this belt the Whale tail? Not that I’m such a lewd and crude gent or anything, but there’s a small part of me that will forever remain 14 years old. So when I spotted this item in the sale section up at Flatiron Crossing over the weekend, I felt compelled to get it based on name alone. Of course, the fact that it was reduced to $25 helped (and it’s still $65 online…odd). As I am one to make small talk with staff at pretty much any store I go to, I am more prone to when said staff happens to be cute. “Whale tail….heh,” I chuckled at checkout and felt like a sleazebag immediately afterward. Luckily, and to my sheer glee, this lovely young lass giggled right back with me saying, “I know right? Personally I ‘d have gone with a different emboss, but a whale tail is a whale tail is a whale tail.” I sort of fell a little bit in love at that very moment. I admit, too, that she remained on my mind even later at the Apple store when I was this close to going through with the purchase of a tablet. And while I am on the topic and doing “whale tail” searches yielding some bizarre results, that last link for the pendant is actually pretty sweet.

I diggit. Splash.


8 responses to “Even the J. Crew counter girls giggled.

  1. Never grow up. Takes the fun out of everything. Nice score…now go back and get her number!

    • momentumoffailure

      You should have seen me, man. I was a machine that day. Chatting up everything with soft eyes and light brown hair.

  2. You need to get laid, man.

  3. Being a food critic will help the cause. 🙂

  4. I just picked up the Anchor belt, it wasn’t on sale in the store but they honored the online price. Between that and the Chino blazer that was marked down lower than the online price, it was a good day.

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