Of coincidences, commuters, and chainrings.

Andrew's creation

Deciding a few days ago that I want to get back on the streets atop a pedal-driven iron horse, it was apropos my buddy just received and assembled his Republic bicycle creation. I went by his apartment to check it out. Seems like it will do the job, so now I am on their site deciding between customizing one myself, choosing one of their popular colorways, or hitting the “random” button until something catches my eye. I first came across these November of 09 but didn’t give them much consideration until another friend emailed me a month after said post stating he got one and liked it. Then Andrew got one (pictured). Then my favorite BSE Club member notifies me that she, too, has one and likes it. And today, Urban Outfitters blasts me an email with a link to their “bike shop,” which is basically a glorified version on the Republic bike site itself, which I guess is the point.

However, I thought to make life a little more interesting, I would see what you all could come up within designing a bike for yours truly. If you feel so inclined, and I do hope you do, go to Republic’s site, build me up an Aristotle, and the one I like best will not only be purchased*, its designer will get a reward of some sort (TBD). Remember, too, to make it a single speed. ACL deficiencies in both knees have me a little less than excited about getting back up on a fixie.

*Purchased when and if I sell my Pista Concept.


3 responses to “Of coincidences, commuters, and chainrings.

  1. man, i can deal with andrew getting one, but you have a great pista concept. i understand the knee thing, but a republic? talk about a full on downgrade.

    • momentumoffailure

      Consider this before judging: True, ALTHOUGH, consider the fact that I haven’t ridden the Concept in well over a year and I would ride a new single speed all the time. Plus if I can make a few bucks in the process, why wouldn’t I go this route? It doesn’t have to be a Republic, but you get the point…

  2. that makes sense. you would ride a lot more on a mellower set up. i just know you’re not one to get on board with the masses. something like this is more your style


    how much are you selling the concept for?

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