Too late to give out my fraternity pin, yes, but I still wear the cardigan.

Though my university days have come and gone, I preserve the tradition of the classic college experience in my own way. And even though when I was in school, the romanticized idea of fraternity gents courting that swell gal from the sorority in hopes of giving her his pin and going steadyhad been replaced with drunk asses wearing Birkenstocks, cargo shorts, and Co-Ed Naked t’s, I still don my cardigans and transport myself back to black and white days.

The days of the Pleasantville / Animal House / The Graduate / School Ties and dressing proper at university have gone the way of the buffalo, it’s true. But the resurgance of men finding fashion and style appealing is growing at a rapid rate, and it’s nice to see. I don’t get to see much of it firsthand due to my location, but I get reports from the front lines and witness what I can of it. Dress the part. It’s really not all that hard. Besides, the cardigan is a staple and should be hanging in any gents closet next to a heavy cable knit, unless that’s folded to avoid hanger stretches.


2 responses to “Too late to give out my fraternity pin, yes, but I still wear the cardigan.

  1. Well said. A cardigan should be a staple of any man’s spring/summer wardrobe. Perfect for those cooler evenings when a jacket/blazer is too much, but the oxford alone just won’t do.

  2. I got a black and grey herringbone one similar to the J. Crew you have pictured above last winter. With much hesitation, I was able to pull it off, and it has become one of my favorite sweaters. Done right, it will go with anything (jeans, chinos, flannels, etc).

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