Fyrkat: Viking Fortress / Portable Grill

In wanting to do a little more research on Bodum’s Fyrkat grill (pictured below), a Google search yielded far different results. Though I should have just gone to the company’s site for all the specs, I’m glad to have come across a different Fyrkat: the oldest of Denmark’s former Viking ring castles.

Bookending the week with another Viking-themed spot seemed appropriate seeing as how A) I need to pick up a Fyrkat grill, or some form of portable grilling station for a BBQ party this weekend where B) Kubb, or Viking chess, will no doubt be played.


I am opting for the Bodum brand solely due to the name and how gosh darn adorable I find it. But now that I know it has Viking castle connotations, and not to mention a cool modern look, it might just seal the deal on the whole thing. Of course, I may want to put a bit of a freeze on my spending what with the possible iPad purchase this weekend, so I should urge one of my partygoers to get it. $50 at Urban. Come on. Do it! Also, party this weekend. Cheesman Park. 1:30. Bring food and beer and park games. Kubb is covered. We got the Kubb.

The more you know…. To learn more on Fyrkat, the Viking fortress, head over to Wiki.


One response to “Fyrkat: Viking Fortress / Portable Grill

  1. Don’t know if you saw this but there’s some cool alternatives here:


    I’m thinking about getting the Bayou Classic because it folds up so small.

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