No worries, no socks, no problems. Sperrys make the perfect park shoes.

The weekend was one for the books, I can tell you that much. Between dinner with Eli, brunch at Racine’s, double digit hours spent in the park, enough Budweiser to choke a large elephant, karaoke bars, hanging from rafters on rooftop patios, getting hassled by rednecks, vodka/Powerades at 4am and a massive sunburn in the shape of a polo, I can say that I am indeed tired. But dammit if it wasn’t the perfect “send off” before starting at the new job after a long weekend.

But after all the running around, I have to say that my Sperry Topsiders have seen better days. While they made for the perfect park shoe, transitioning nicely from the grass to the bars, I will say, now, I need another pair. Beaten and tattered, tried and true, they do look sort of mean all war-wounded out (see: Walt putting holes in the bus in Slapshot). But with the start of a new job and the want to look my best for my new coworkers and clients, I got to find a shiny new pair. Want vs. need. I know the difference. Nordstrom Rack, I’m about to be all up in your shoe section. Thank goodness a location is en route to and from the new office.

Onwards and upwards, friends. 2010 is the year of new beginnings, bettering your life, and generally just kicking ass. Do it to it, and do it to the best of your abilities. And then more.


7 responses to “No worries, no socks, no problems. Sperrys make the perfect park shoes.

  1. Will, you are fucking awesome.

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  3. How about impressing your clients by wearing socks and purchasing a real pair of dress shoes? Seems logical, right?

    • momentumoffailure

      Where’s the fun in that? But in all honesty, I agree, and I do have plenty of dress shoes to go around. Socks are worn to work. Not to the park. I should have made that a bit more clear.

  4. What’s the new gig entail, if you don’t mind me asking?

  5. i’d take a picture of the pair i’m currently wearing but no camera handy + they’re in worse shape than yours it seems… but its so true… they’re like rainbow flp-flops, they just get softer the more u beat ’em up… perfect for festival walks too (i.e. boulder creek)

  6. Yes! New Sperry’s for everyone. Loving the two-tones for the gents, by the way and the canvas are good looking, too.
    ps. what’s that tattoo say?

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