18 karat rap between noodles: Bagua shoes and the Wu Tang Clan

Not one to get in on the repost game, as those days, at least for me, are over, I felt the need to go forth with posting once again on Bagua shoes. Could it be because i sort of want a pair of Toms or Ninja-esque footwear for those casual days? Probably. Also, for whatever reason, a previous post re: Bagua has been getting comments again. So that got me all excited again on this style of shoe and even more pumped when I saw the Wu Tang Clan getting in on the action.

Hot Nixon. Yeah, they’re $85 at Rzostore which is more than a pair of Toms AND some white Sambas combined (depending on where you shop them), but, can you put a price on Wu shoes? I say no. My buddy said yes. Some friend he turned out to be.

Plus now that I’m working in Boulder, a hippie/new age/outdoors enthusiast mecca, dress shoes are seldom required. Free once again to kick it in casual footwear whilst drinking happy hour margaritas on the rooftop patio at the Mexican restaurant across the street from the office.


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